As a result of our long product development we have launched completely new products to the markets. Basic products are industrially shaped and big units are welded from PE-plastic. From OdourMikko- solutions you can find both naturally aspirated models and models with a fan.

Carbon mass is always selected by the target and it’s easy to change when its’ absorption area is filled up with compounds. Air mass can be processed always up to 200 000 m3/h.


A blower inside the unit leads smelly air through an OdourMikko-odor removal solution and the carbon mass binds the smells to itself.

The carbon mass is selected by the targets and its needs.

In the targets concentrations’ range is big, but mainly absorption area is filled up with compounds in 1-3 years when carbon mass is replaced with new.

We want to guarantee a reliable service to our clients. Thanks to our long experience we can provide our products with reliability guarantee.

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