Odor control solutions for industrial

Based on a long experience Etoiles OdourMikko-series have been developed to solve odor removal challenges from waste compactors, trash rooms and waste treatment plants.

With the method there have been great experiences in the air quality of business premises and trash rooms. Work satisfaction and imago improvement have been achieved by filtering the air from compounds.

Also corrosion caused by the gases has reduced in the compactors: As an advantage a longer service life for the products.

Example industries: - Waste rooms’ air treatment in the basement of block of flats and business premises.

- Compactors located in the markets’ courtyards or nearby.

- Solutions placed in the air processing of the waste treatment plants


The solution is used to absorb smelly air from the compactor or container through the facility and the carbon mass, selected by the target removes the smells. Air volume can be adjusted according to the need. The carbon mass is replaced after it has become saturated. Saturation time is estimated from 1 to 3 years.

We want to guarantee a reliable service to our clients. Thanks to our long experience we can provide our products with reliability guarantee.

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